A loyalty program for cinemas.

There are in France a little more than 2,000 cinemas according to a study of the government in 2015, today the price of an entry for a film show is about 10 € according to the cities and the signs and prices increased every year as shown in this study of DOC CINE. The occasional customers of cinemas are no longer sufficient to make a business profitable, it is necessary to build customer loyalty.

Today cinema is to compete with the Internet and video-on-demand platforms such as Netflix. It is now very easy to watch any movie via the Internet by renting it on video-on-demand platforms or by streaming video and downloading illegally. With a video platform like Netflix we pay only € 7.99 per month to have series and movies at will, which is cheaper than a single cinema ticket. Customer loyalty of cinemas is therefore essential.

To cope with this strong competition and to attract more customers to join a cinema loyalty program, it is important that he is innovative and effective loyalty program. An innovative loyalty program necessarily involves a dematerialized loyalty program and a digital loyalty card (see the article Why a Digital Loyalty Card?).

Find out how to set up an effective loyalty program .

A loyalty program for a cinema can focus on several objectives:

  • increase your customer base with the attractive benefits of the loyalty program

  • to have customers who stay on the long term with a loyalty program rewarding the best customers

  • have a higher purchase amount thanks to additional sales such as confectionery (popcorn, sweets, drinks …) and objects derived from films (figurines, t-shirts, posters …)

  • to encourage customers to come more frequently to the cinema thanks to reminders by notification or promotional offers via the application of the loyalty program (novelty, preview, event …)

  • offer a privileged service to the most loyal customers of the cinema with promotions and services offered available on the application (cut-line, movie tickets offered, events …)

  • reactivate inactive customers with new movies and small promotional offers

These are just examples, the options are unlimited and can be tailored to your needs.