A loyalty program for florists.

In France, there are nearly 16,000 florists according to a study by INSEE in 2016 , most of them are independent and without employees ( about 60% ). In order to cope with the competition of big brands and the sale and delivery of flowers via the Internet, it is important that florists develop loyalty at best of their customers. It is essential to have an effective loyalty program (see the article Set up an effective loyalty program ).

Florists are part of the shops that often have loyalty programs with loyalty card to stamp. Today loyalty programs have evolved and entered the digital era, to retain customers effectively it is necessary to have a dematerialized loyalty program and therefore with a digital loyalty card (see the article Why a digital loyalty card? ).

A loyalty program for a florist can be based on several objectives:

  • increase your customer base with the attractive benefits of the loyalty program

  • to have customers who stay long-term with a loyalty program which reward at best his customers

  • have a higher purchase amount through additional sales such as decorative items (vases, candles…), personalized cards for an occasion and gift boxes to accompany the flowers (territorial products, plushs…)

  • Encourage the customers to come to the florist more often thanks to reminders notification or promotional offers through the loyalty program application

  • offer a privileged service to the most faithful customers of the florist with promotions and services offered on the application

  • reactivate inactive customers by offering them new products and small promotional offers

  • propose packages or promotions for events such as receptions, weddings, formal and informal parties, luncheons, dinners, seminars, reunions, exhibitions, conferences, cocktail parties…

  • offer a promotion for the least profitable day (ex: -30% on Tuesday)  via the application of the loyalty program

These are just examples, the options are unlimited and can be tailored to your needs.

The opportunities to come to a florist are numerous throughout the year, through the application of the loyalty program, the florist will be able to remind his customers of the different events that present an opportunity to offer flowers. Or simply for the pleased to offer.

  • Valentine’s Day

  • Mothers’ Day

  • Great Mother’s Day

  • Wedding

  • Reception

  • Gift

  • Birth

  • May 1st