A loyalty program for hair salons.

Today hairdressing salons are very numerous and face a great competition. With more than 85,000 hair salons identified in France in 2016 according to a UNEC study, including a large majority of independent hairdressers, the loyalty of customers in hair salons is essential.

To face the strong competition, it’s necessary to stand out from other hair salons and that means having an innovative and effective loyalty program. For that an innovative loyalty program necessarily involves a dematerialized loyalty program and a digital loyalty card (see the article Why a Digital Loyalty Card? ).

Find out how to Set up an effective loyalty program .

A loyalty program for a hair salon can aim several objectives:

  • increase your customer base with the attractive benefits of the loyalty program

  • to have customers who stay long-term with a loyalty program which reward at best his customers

  • have a higher purchase amount through additional sales such as hair products (shampoo, hair coloring …) and hair accessories (hair dryer, brush, hair straightener…)

  • Encourage the customers to come to the hair salon more often thanks to reminders notification or promotional offers through the loyalty program application

  • offer a privileged service to the most faithful customers of the hair salon with promotions and services offered on the application

  • reactivate inactive customers by offering them new products and small promotional offers

  • propose packages or promotions for events such as weddings, parties, New Year’s Eve, photo shoot…

These are just examples, the options are unlimited and can be tailored to your needs.