Set up an effective loyalty program

To acquire new customers is essential but the hard part is to keep them, for this it must maintain the commercial relationship with the customer by offering him benefits. Generally a customer consumes more after registering for a loyalty program than before registering, the customer will be more likely to continue consuming.

La mise en place d’un programme de fidélité est donc indispensable. Si vous en possédez déjà un il est possible qu’il ne soit plus adapté à votre marché ou au monde du numérique (voir l’article Why a digital loyalty card ?), c’est pourquoi il est important de mettre en place un nouveau programme de fidélité.

The loyalty program must have a reward that the customer can easily obtain to not discourage them and quickly enough that they do not forget they have enrolled in the loyalty program, all to encourage him to consume more often. The reward must be meaningful, with a sufficient value and a percentage of what they have spent. This reward must be based on how often your customers visit your business and the duration of the obtaining of the reward.

The different types of loyalty programs:

  • The loyalty program with points: it is the most popular loyalty program, the more the customer consumes the more the customer earns points. Then he can use his points for access to discounts or gift type rewards.

  • The loyalty program for jackpot and cashback: when a customer makes a purchase, a percentage of the purchase price is returned to him in a coupon or on a jackpot that he can then withdraw from a certain amount.

  • The loyalty program with status: The client has access to the differents status according to his expenses or his seniority. Each status offers different benefits, the higher the status, the more rewards.

  • The exclusive loyalty program: The customer pays a membership per month or year, this membership gives him access to benefits throughout the period, such as discounts, VIP services, exclusives …

  • The card loyalty program: the customer gets a cardboard card for free for his first purchase or passage, with each new passage or purchase his card is stamped, after a number of stamp the customer gets a reward, often a free product or service. But this type of loyalty program is no longer on the agenda, to cope with changing consumption patterns, more and more loyalty programs are dematerializing to move to a digital loyalty program (see article Why a digital loyalty card? ).

Once the loyalty program is in place or you have adapted your old loyalty program, it is important to promote it to your customers and prospects so that they use your loyalty program. To promote your loyalty program, you can submit it by email with the email addresses you already have from your customers and post publications on your social networks to showcase the benefits of your loyalty program. In addition, do not forget to talk about your loyalty program when a customer makes a purchase. The more you insist on promoting your loyalty program the more you will retain your customers.