Why a digital loyalty card?

Thanks to the digital, consumption patterns evolved, especially in the shops. Today if a shop wants to be competitive it must be present on the web, consumers don’t move necessarily on site, they search before the product or the service on the web, so a trade which is present on the web will be more likely to sell a product or service.

Now that most shops are present on the web, this presence alone is not enough, to stand out they need to have a quality loyalty program. Customer loyalty has an important place in the profits of a shop, so it’s essential to keep customers.

We already know loyalty programs with a paper loyalty card where we stamp a box for each purchase or the PVC loyalty card that we scan in shops, but these systems are aging and have flaults:

  • Your customers already have a well-filled wallet, if you give them a new loyalty card, they may be lost and forget their loyalty cards. According to the 2018 loyalty barometer, people have between 3 and 10 loyalty cards in their wallet

  • During a purchase if your customers already have your loyalty card, most often they do not have it on them (lost or forgotten)

  • The manufacturing of these loyalty cards with paper or pvc, has a cost and even more if customers lose or deteriorate their loyalty cards else if a customer no longer consumes in your shop.

All of these faults can now be resolved thanks to dematerialized loyalty programs. Your customers have probably all a smartphone, which they always have on them, with a loyalty program available on their smartphone, no more problem of lost or forgotten loyalty card and no more manufacturing cost.

In addition your customers will have other advantages, they will be able to consult their points, pot or rewards directly and at any time on their smartphone. Shops will be able to communicate with their customers through this system by sending push notifications or location-based notifications. Your customers are surely watching their smartphone hundreds of times a day, with notifications they will not forget your shop.

The merchant will be able to more easily know his customers by analyzing their behavior according to their purchases and their habits, this will help them to offer to their customers more adapted products or services.